A classic example of a Purin Food is a green vegetable - Okra. Rich in taste, nutritional and medicinal benefits, Okra is one of the best things that can occupy your plate. But often this food is associated with safety risks due to storage and contamination issues. Not anymore!

Purin Okra is cleaned with YCL Nano Technology to give you best you ever had. Both, in-terms of safety as it is 99% microbial contaminant free and shelf life, as Purin Okra can last more for 15 days without being frozen. It's the cleanest and the greenest Okra for sure.


The secret to living a healthy life lies in a healthy diet. And by a healthy diet, we don't just mean a balance diet. For a food to be healthy, it has to be free of any impurities first. And that's where the Purin Foods come into your plate.

We are here to help you in your quest to stay fittest by getting rid of the most of the impurities from your plate.

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