Technology that keeps contagions at bay

The Yentra Combo Repeller uses unique military grade 'SONAR'technology, not widely available in the market. 'Sonar', is a technique that usually used underwater for sound transmission, by submarines and ships. This uses tools to generate acoustic frequencies varying from infrasonic (very low) to ultrasonic frequencies (extremely high). The Yentra Combo Repellent has reengineered this technology to now send frequencies into the air to repel the intruders from every indoor or outdoor setting.

Repel the uninvited guests,

keep safe your loved ones

Under usual circumstances, pests like, mosquitoes, spiders, cockroaches, rodents, etc, adapt to other electronic or pesticide repellents. But with the superior Active Sonar Technology, the wave pulse and frequencies are dynamic and never remain the same. Thereby, not giving the pest a chance to adapt.

The YCL combo repeller is child and infant safe and also pet safe. It emits no radiation or harmful chemicals. It does not interfere with any other electronic signals or electronic devices.

First of its kind technology

What makes it so unique?

The YCL combo repeller is a unique technology which utilizes acoustic clouding of high frequency echelon waves in combination with effective diffraction. This enables the device to reach areas which are obstructed. Its fright & flight mechanism targets organism's sensory functions. Their flight mechanism is distorted and drives them away from the defined zones.

With a consumption of just a 30watt per day bulb for 2000sft of coverage, the Yentra Combo Repellent is an environment friendly product, leaving a very low carbon footprint. It is just as versatile in its usage with its applications ranging from homes, hospitals, offices, restaurants, warehouses, business centres, convention halls, gardens, etc,. It comes with a product guarantee of 1 year and a life of 10 years.

The Yentra Combo Repellent is a great lifestyle product and an enduring solution to all your pest woes.

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